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Illness, characterized as a disease or a state of sickness impacting both body and mind, often manifests as general body weakness or localized pain. Despite the availability of technical and therapeutic innovations aimed at enhancing human health and life quality, the continuous monitoring of patients by healthcare professionals for 24 hours daily is impractical. To systematically address this challenge, this study sought to create an automated patient healthcare device. Utilizing sensor technology, an AT-Mega microcontroller, and a Bluetooth module, the device facilitates independent health monitoring or monitoring by a caregiver. The system is designed to effectively handle situations where no immediate caregiver is available to attend to the patient's needs. This is achieved by enabling the patient to send a help message to the caregiver through a simple hand motion. Positioned on the patient's hand, the device allows tilting at specific angles to convey programmed help messages, each direction indicating a distinct message. Through sensitivity analysis during device testing, which gauged the device's success in recognizing hand movements for seeking assistance, the average sensitivity was determined to be 76.6%. These results signify promising outcomes, encouraging further exploration in clinical settings. Beyond accommodating seamless use by neurologically intact patients, the device proves beneficial for individuals with hemiparalysis, conditions hindering effective communication, and any circumstance necessitating the presence of a caregiver.

Authors : Ibitoye, M.O., Bakare, T.I., Saminu, S., Yahaya, S.A. and Ajibola, T.M.

Category : Open Access     Volume (Issue) : 10(1)     Date Uploaded : 21st March 2024

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